H.B. Wilkinson Title Company is proud to announce the launch of HBW Online, a secure portal that allows for 24/7 access to customer orders and the closing process.

HBW Online represents a leap forward in security, accessibility and convenience for the customer. This utility will grant customers peace of mind about their private information, as well as the power to be proactive with their experience. HBW Online enables customers to submit and track orders, update closing notes, and to view, print or submit closing documents like lender’s packages, closing disclosures and confirmations, commitments, policies, and title clearance.

With HBW Online, H.B. Wilkinson reaffirms and strengthens its century old tradition of commitment to a positive and comprehensive customer experience while embracing the cutting edge technology and security that customers demand and deserve. It’s just a click away at HBW Online, login here.

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