Access Title Agency Meets Congressman Byron Donalds

Access Title Agency VP, Erin Beasley, had the privilege of meeting Florida Congressman Byron Donalds at a luncheon sponsored by the Fort Myers Beach Chamber of Commerce in August.  He was an excellent speaker and shared great insights about Florida water release plans, along with a few other relevant topics pertaining to current government policies.

Being in Southwest Florida, we loved hearing his passion about plans for improving Lake Okeechobee releases:

“Water serves as the lifeblood of the Southwest Florida community and economy.  As your Congressmen and a father of three, I am committed to preserving and protecting our waterways for generations to come.  We must find equitable solutions to Lake Okeechobee releases, while also supporting measures that protect our environment and combat harmful algal blooms.  Ensuring  clean water for Southwest Florida is my number one priority as your Representative, and that’s why I’ve supported multiple measures since assuming office that coincide with the preservation of Southwest Florida waterways.”

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