Ft Myers Topping Off Celebration for Margaritaville

Margaritaville on Fort Myers Beach hosted a Topping Off Ceremony in January.  The overall message was very positive, and everyone is looking forward to the opening of the new resort, hosting vacationers, and opening up new jobs on the beach.

A highlight of the event was when Jacki Liszak, President of the Fort Myers Beach Chamber of Commerce, took the stage and conveyed how helpful the community has been in rebuilding the city and getting everything back on track.

She spoke about all the fundraising that has aided in reestablishment of infrastructure.  Jacki then invited all of the beach business owners to stand behind her, and expressed gratitude for everyone’s participation in all of the rebuilding efforts.  The amount of work and dedication to bring the businesses back has been unbelievable, and the support from the community has been phenomenal.

The developers of Margaritaville Resort in Fort Myers Beach placed the last beam on top of the $200 million project. This is a huge milestone and sign of hope to our Fort Myers Beach residents as we move toward the recovery of the destruction of Hurricane Ian.