Tides of Recovery – Local Realtors Unite to Support Fort Myers Beach

Fort Myers Beach, a resilient community in Southwest Florida, is slowly recovering from the devastating effects of Hurricane Ian. Despite the challenges faced during the rebuilding process, the community has come together to support each other through this difficult time. Now, local realtors are being called to unite and join the efforts to support the recovery of Fort Myers Beach.

On May 17th, the Fort Myers Beach Chamber of Commerce and other city officials will provide updates on the progress being made and plans for the future. This event provides an excellent opportunity for realtors to learn about what’s happening now and what they can expect in the coming months. By being informed, realtors can help support the community’s recovery efforts and play a crucial role in bringing Fort Myers Beach back.

Recovering from a natural disaster is a slow process, but with the support of the community, Fort Myers Beach will come back stronger than ever before. Access Title Agency and Movement Mortgage are hosting this event to help support the recovery efforts and show their support for the community. Join us on May 17th and be a part of the community’s efforts to return home to the place we all call home.